“Whatever your dream or vision is,

you’ll never know unless you take a step toward it.”

~ AYLA ~

The culmination of this full journey and online container, to be with Ayla and The Living Song community IN PERSON, to sing, learn & practice.

One-time only workshop retreat with Ayla, in addition to the whole journey.


  • Empowered Voice
  • Soul of Songwriting
  • Live master classes, past & future recordings, bonus content and practices 
  • Online community space to connect, share, and collaborate
  • PLUS includes The Living Song in-person WORKSHOP RETREAT -- a special one-time immersive with Ayla


Available for $1080 for a limited time

(Limited spaces available. Payment plans available.)

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  • Empowered Voice
  • Soul of Songwriting
  • Live sessions, past & future recordings, bonus content and practices
  • Online community space  
  • The Living Song IN PERSON WORKSHOP RETREAT with Ayla – a special singing and songwriting event (limited seats available).


 Payment plan: 3 payments of $385

dive in

With this membership you’re receiving:

  • Over 30+ live master classes
  • A value-filled library of over 15+ recorded master classes
  • Bonus content & sessions with Ayla
  • Community Open Mic sessions
  • and more! 

In both the Soul of Songwriting and Empowered Voice communities there is access to the replay of the recordings for as long as you are an active member. The recordings are incredibly valuable, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions ahead of time.

Looking forward to having you be a part of the community soon!

All Soul of Songwriting sessions will be on Thursdays at 3pm PST. Recordings will be available in your member library.

All Empowered Voice sessions will be on Saturdays at 11am PST. Recordings will be available in your member library.

2023 Empowered Voice & Soul of Songwriting Dates: 

March 11 Empowered Voice 

March 16 Soul of Songwriting 

April 8 Empowered Voice

April 13 Soul of Songwriting

May 13 Empowered Voice

May 18 Soul of Songwriting

Additional monthly sessions include Community Open Mic sessions on Sundays at 1230pm PT and Tuesday Tea with Ayla sessions on Tuesdays at 12pm PT.

So what is Empowered Voice? What is Soul of Songwriting?

Empowered Voice

Part monthly improv singalong with your own soul, part workshop where Ayla’s unique guidance and practices will guide you in deeper opening of your voice, leaning into fears, playing with edges, dancing with inspiration, and building a strong pathway for the creative energies to move and empower your daily living. 

In this space, you will gain tools for unlocking your true voice and embracing fears of being seen and heard, and allowing any fears to become the very inspiration that fuels your creative power. In addition, you will have access to the community of The Living Song, a place to be received as you share your creative process, and connect with others on this incredible journey of coming into your truest and most empowered voice.

Soul of Songwriting

This is a space to fuel your creative spirit. Together, we get to explore the limitless waters of songcraft, practice and play together, give and receive feedback, encourage and support each other, lean in to edges of creating, recording, performing, and more, and develop our mastery in creating music and word and art, to offer our fullest expressions to the world.

This is a masterclass series to dive deep into songcraft, wordplay, inspiration and creative channeling, through Ayla’s sharing of her unique process and practices. It is an ongoing pulse to inspire your songmaking and support you in showing up for your own creative process.

This is a space where you can directly ask Ayla questions about creativity, music, career, recording, performance, and sharing our work with the world. 

It is also an exclusive community of artists, musicians, and creatives, where you can share and receive feedback, connect and collaborate, and be featured on Ayla’s platform. 

Ayla will give techniques she uses for creating music, share her songwriting process, and answer your questions on creative practice and rituals, channeling song, wordplay, performance energetics, recording, and all topics from the spark of inspiration to a finished song and sharing it with the world. 



what participants are saying...

I really feel that this course has helped me feel more myself- connected, creative, beautiful, unique and authentic.


The Living Song Course & Community Member

“For me [the most impactful part of the course] was it just showed me a whole new way of approaching life, not just creativity. It was the life sessions that were probably the most impactful for me.”


The Living Song Course & Community Member

“[Since taking the course] I keep saying yes to things that scare me, that I don't feel ready for.…The fear and doubt is still there, but doesn't have nearly the grip on me that it always has.”


The Living Song Course & Community Member

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